Polyanna is officially up!

I am so chuffed! After a lot of dark, wet and cold days, sore hands, a fed up 2 year old and falling about in thick mud.... we finally have our beloved free poly tunnel up and ready to grow!!

Ignorance definitely was bliss ;O)

I ordered it from the universe back last year and she delivered! All absolutely free and we stopped it going in the landfill, so a win win all around.

We also managed to get a very cute shed free from freegle and have started to install the little wood burner to warm ourselves with a hot choc on a cold day.

Sweet peas are sown in our new biodegradable pouches. I have also been through all my seeds and will be cracking on this weekend.

We applied for another plot next to us but the committee have said we have enough on our hands to do before they will allow us any more land! So best get cracking.

Over and out Kate xx

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