Perfect Love

So this Valentines I decided to walk a different walk and not entertain buying the expensive, non smelling red roses that flood our shops.

I put it out there that tulips were traditionally the flower of love and in fact mean "perfect Love" & would anyone be interested in buying these for their love instead? I had a fantastic response and was inundated with orders from all over! It felt pretty damn good that my bright idea had actually worked! I even sent a bunch wrapped up to Scotland and they arrived and bloomed perfectly.

I contacted the fab company Smith & Munson and ordered the stunning red double tulips Largo. British Beauties, grown here on our very own island, fresh and.... well i wish i had over ordered so there were some left for me!!

I hand tied them with twine, placed them in a recycled vase and wrapped them in brown paper, finished with ribbons of "i love you" They went down an absolute storm! The good old galaxy car was full to the brim of dancing red tulips all bobbing about! It sure did make people smile when they sat next to me at the traffic lights!

I had just delivered my last bunch and i received a message pop up on my phone asking if i had any left for his lovely wife.... Sadly i didnt, so i found myself in a supermarket buying the godawful extortionatly expensive non smelling roses and arranging them in the car for a very lovely lady who had no clue what she had missed out on!

I was really chuffed with myself that i had followed my intuition and gone with what i love to do... support British growers, supply beautiful and good valued flowers that will last and bring a smile to a lovely person.

I cant wait for mothers day! The orders are already coming in and im excited to spread the perfect love once again.

Sending out love and kindness to all

kate xx

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