Blooming Maaaarvalous

It has been a real learning curve for me this spring and summer... I have dabbled with growing plants, herbs and flowers at my allotment, but never to sell.

I spent most of last year talking to so many brides and grooms about my new idea and they loved it! I loved it! But on reflection i underestimated the amount of time, money, energy, commitment and fails it would have.

The blasted rats ate all but a few of my sunflower seeds, then the decimated the new shoots of all my seedlings... I had to bring them all home and turn my summer house into a nursery! Not the best as the seedlings then all grew towards the light!

I then ordered lots of lids for the trays to stop the rats, i excitedly took all my seedlings back and placed the lids on, to then have a few hot days and the whole lots died through being far to hot!

Lockdown happened and i decided to give half the plot up to veg as we had no idea of what the year was to bring and i thought kale...we need kale! i now have enough to feed the British Army!

On a positive we have had loads of successes and i am so proud of what we have achieved. I have been able to experiment with a whole range of herbs that i can use in my arrangements, tangerine sage is amazing!!!

I have figured out how to condition the flowers to stop them flopping and to give them lots of vase life.

I have grown things that i wont bother with next year and that i will grow way more of next year.

The wedding industry has been dumped in my opinion. So many of us freelance from home. Our industry has been forgotten and it sucks. We bring in 10 billion a year!! and yet we have been brushed aside.

So when my weddings resume i will be producing bigger, better and more unusual flowers and herbs to use for the arrangements. I will take this year and squeeze every last drop off learning out of it, to make me an even better small grower and florist.... every cloud and all that ;O)

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